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Coastal Blues

Tiles reminiscent of water fowl footprints in the sand, dance across the spacious shower wall and floor of a recently remodeled bathroom. Calming blue accents throughout the bath complement the serene white walls and ship lap. The circular window is the star of the show. 


Contractor: Steven D. Hayes

Cumar Inc.

Designer Bath

Tile by Design 

Lucia Lighting and Design

Step inside

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The homeowners of this Marblehead residence wished to remodel their master bathroom, which had been redone only a few years prior. The previous renovation, however, was not a pleasant experience and they were hesitant to dive-in again. 


After an initial conversation, the homeowners agreed to meet with me to discuss the project. My experience in the design industry has taught me that trust must be earned at the start of a project and maintained through-out the process. I listened to their vision for the room, paid close attention to their concerns, and desire to create a tranquil environment, that would be functional and practical for their everyday lifestyle.


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In my first walk-through of the existing bathroom, several major issues became apparent.  First, the vanity, a wooden table with two vessel sinks, did not allow access to the medicine cabinets due to its depth. Second, an oversized window installed in the shower did not provide privacy and had visible signs of rot.  Third, the wallpaper by the shower was peeling and contained mold due to moisture. Finally, the hardwood flooring selected was impractical for a master bathroom. 

My suggestion was to incorporate timeless and classic materials that would provide longevity and create an elegant environment. I designed a standard depth custom vanity which contained plenty of storage. We chose lovely white and blue quartzite counter tops, white porcelain tile that mimic the look of Thasos marble, along with blue accents, polished chrome fixtures and coastal inspired lighting. Next, we replaced, relocated, and changed the window style and shape. We then fabricated a window frame out of the quartzite for protection which proved to give the shower a lovely focal point. Lastly, to keep with the coastal theme of the room, we installed shiplap for the walls.  


The homeowners now look forward to starting and ending their day in their bright and relaxing master bath. It has become a sanctuary to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


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